Current Research

DoNuTS research takes place primarily on the UC Berkeley campus in Etcheverry Hall. Experimental facilities include the UCB NE Nucleonics Laboratory, Berkeley Gamma-Ray Imaging Laboratory, and NE Department Nuclear Nonproliferation teaching laboratory.

Pelletron Retrofitting

Housed in the old reactor room, the nucleonics lab is home to a 3.5 MeV Pelletron particle accelerator obtained by DoNuTS. Much of the current DoNuTS participant time is being spent on retrofitting this accelerator for future use in fundamental physics research and cargo scanning technology development applications. In addition, this lab houses a 1 TEU cargo container used for teaching NE 130/230, a number of student experimental demonstrations for NE 104, and the 2-D Machine Vision nuclear detection array.
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The Berkeley Gamma-Ray Imaging Laboratory houses the Berkeley Applied Research for the Imaging of Neutrons and Gamma-rays (BeARING) group. This highly interdisciplinary research group focuses on developing novel radiation detection techniques utilizing custom detectors with high energy, spatial, and temporal resolution. Established in 2008 by Prof. Kai Vetter of Nuclear Engineering, Prof. James Siegrist of Physics, and Dr. Daniel H. Chivers of Nuclear Engineering in order to couple nuclear instrumentation expertise from the high-energy physics community with applied scientists and engineers in the nuclear detection community, this lab enables synergistic opportunities to develop novel detector systems for homeland security and nuclear safeguards missions.
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Nuclear Non-proliferation Teaching Laboratory/ NRF Laboratory

The Nuclear Non-proliferation teaching laboratory houses a number of laboratory experiments for the Department of Nuclear Engineering. Taught by Prof. Ed Morse, NE 130/230, Analytical Methods for Non-proliferation, introduces students to the practical difficulties of nuclear detection in realistic settings. Both NE 130/230 and NE 104, Radiation Detection and Nuclear Instrumentation, have experiments in this space. Dr. Eric Norman and Dr. Chris Angell also use the Non-proliferation teaching lab for NRF cross-section experiments.